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Currently recruiting all friendly players above level 45. Players who do not meet the criteria and wish to join may wish to speak to Babyice. Applications approval will be consider on case by case basis.
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 Welcome: Welcome to Iris Eternal Guild Official Web Page. We currently play on Radiant Sun server and are Level 32 guild. We currently have about 65 members and hope to grow more and more each day!

Donations: Like being in Eternal Guild??? Tired of the ads on our website? Please donate, all donations are welcome! Please pm me for further information. Thank you.
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Your Precious Guild Pic and Video

deviluv, Feb 27, 11 7:36 AM.
 Got any special pic or video that you taken with guildmate? Like going dungeon , spending special moment...etc..Would love to see you guys contribute your pic and video to the site and share with others.

Iris Event : High Scores!

deviluv, Feb 22, 11 10:12 AM.
 Its not something new but I want to urge everyone to vote because of the chances to get 40% Item enhancement chance which mean we get to upgrade Equip at alot higher %. Here the Original News :

Tuesday, February 1 at 12:00am - February 25 at 12:00am

Everyone's always trying to get the best score...that includes Iris Online! We would like to give players a chance to rate the game on the following gaming sites.

If we can get the desired score on each site, we'll do and exp, drop, and item enhancement bonus for the weekend! Here's the kicker - If we reach all 3 scores on all sites we will DOUBLE the bonuses to 40%.

MMOSITE (7.9 -> 8.5) = 20% EXP Bonus

MMOHUT (4.0 -> 4.5) = 20% Item Enhancement chance

ONRPG (7.6-8.2) = 20% Drop Rate

Congratulation to guild on level 33

deviluv, Feb 17, 11 6:04 PM.
   Slowly we are growing and under the hands of our master Babyice , I believe Eternal will grow to a higher level. However , such success does not lie in the hand of one. We still need everyone cooperation for the guild to grow stronger and better. Veteran can help newbie in guild to better familiarise the game and to help them when they are in need of help. We grow stronger each day but we must also pull everyone up on the ground for the whole guild to be strong. Cheers
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